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Car Diffusers 10ml

Car Diffusers 10ml

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Colorful and powerful, these tiny little bottles will fill your car or any other small area such as your bathroom, wardrobe, linen closet, wet room, laundry and just about anywhere else you want to enjoy beautiful scents.

Containing oils this little beauty is simple to use by following the instructions provided with each bottle.

Made with recycled nail polish bottles not only are you getting a great smelling product  you are doing your bit to save our planet.

Each bottle when used correctly will last up to 12 months each.

To activate remove the bamboo lid and the plastic seal/stopper, replace the bamboo lid and gently tip the bottle upside down. Allowing one single drop on the inside of the bamboo lid. Then most importantly replace the seal/stopper tightly. This will prevent any leakage from the bottle, while also reducing evaporation. Once the seal/stopper has been secured again also replace the bamboo lid and hang from your review mirror, pulling the bead down to stop the bottle from swaying. This will also pull the bottle up behind your mirror avoiding any distraction from the bottle.

That one tiny drop of oil will diffuse for up to 4 weeks or to when you are not able to smell anymore, then just simply take the bottle off the mirror and repeat the process.


PLEASE NOTE: Shape and colours of the bottles are always changing, we will do our best to give you the base colour that you choose at checkout, subject to availability at the time of ordering.


  Australian Made Oils.

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Customer Reviews

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Cute design but the smell is awesome.

Love the car diffusers

Love these pretty little bottles and their glorious scents. So much nicer than the boring old 'pine tree' hanging from the rear-view mirror. But they're also great hanging in my wardrobe and other little nooks and crannies! And I love that they are recycled nail polish bottles. Fabulous products ... and they make a nice little stocking-stuffer this Christmas.